Reputation is Important, but Character is Priceless!
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Date: 01/23/2013

I am tired of my human condition that seems to overwhelm me sometimes…I cannot be self-reliant anymore…Here goes the surrender mode once again!


“I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me.”

                                         -Philippians 4:13

Father forgive me for trying to do things in my own strength! Forgive me for waiting too long to ask for help! Thank You for always providing for me and for those I love! Please help strengthen me for the long race of life…Help me to help those in need…Relieve me of the bondage of self-centeredness. I love You and I confess my sins to You both known and unknown or forgotten! Please cleanse me and renew my mind so I can have peace through You in Jesus name…AMEN!


Travis B. Conti            

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-Philippians 4:13     

"Reputation is Important...but Character is Priceless!"