Reputation is Important, but Character is Priceless!
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Date: 03/06/2013

Good afternoon. Wow what would I ever do without the promises of God in my life?!?!


“Lord, you are my God; I will exalt You and praise Your name, for in perfect faithfulness You have done wonderful things, things planned long ago.”

                                                                                                       -Isaiah 25:1 NIV

Lord my Father in Heaven I praise Your Holy Name! Thank You Father for always giving me more chances. Thank You for not giving up on me or leaving me alone to my own devices! I need Your help Lord. Thank You for Your faithfulness! I need Your guidance financially, physically, emotionally, and mentally. Give me strength! Direct my steps Father and help me to walk by faith and not by sight! Help all those who are suffering and give them hope to carry on in Jesus name I pray…AMEN!


Have a Blessed day!

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"Reputation is Important...but Character is Priceless!"