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anger, destruction

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Date: 03/06/2014

This is such an awesome promise from God…


“Therefore He is able, once and forever, to save everyone who comes to God through Him. He lives forever to plead with God on their behalf.”

                                                                                                        -Hebrews 7:25 NLT

Father in Heaven I am in awe of Your great grace and love for me. This promise is so encouraging to me. I need Jesus so much and I praise You for Your intercession on my behalf O’Lord! Thank You for saving me from self-destruction and eternal death! Thank You for the gift of life and loved-ones! Please help me to be more like You…quick to love and listen and slow to anger and frustration. I need more of You in my life today Father God. Thank You for Your Holy Word in Jesus name I pray…AMEN!!


God bless!

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"Reputation is Important...but Character is Priceless!"